And So I Write


One step at a time
Pen in hand
Using paper as an extension of mind
Working through a tension to find
The balance between
Uncontrolled thought
The source of creativity
And the sense of distraught
Aware of Earth’s calamities
Genocide of humanities
Dangers running rampantly
That we can’t handle if we disagree

A heart desensitized from frantically
Following headlines religiously
From famine and disease
To consistent atrocities
We’re far from a stability
Cause when you look at history
Its stained with blood and misery
Seems like such a mystery
How any progress has been made
In the face of such disdain
For human life, both day and night
A thirst for power fuels the urge to fight

While I sit here hopelessly
Facing the fact that now I’m aware
And feeling pretty jaded
With an underlying hatred
And an ever present sense of dread
That soon enough I’ll end up…

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