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Gaza Conflict – Who’s Wrong?

hqdefaultWhen I started this blog, I made up my mind that there was not going to be anything political. However in recent weeks, there has been much pressure from my end to asking where I stand with the conflict in Gaza.
I see so many comments, videos being posted in Facebook about the conflict in Gaza. Being in the Middle East is not easy. You’re constantly bombarded with images and constantly the media focuses on the plight of the Palestinians. Some claim that the Western media shows only the plight of Israelis. So who’s wrong? We have two sets of media focusing on one and not the other. Are we to pick sides? Just because I’m in the Middle East, do I have to pick the side of the Palestinians?

The world looks in horror at the assault on the innocent. I say innocent because there are innocent people on both sides.
As a Christian and a firm believer in the bible, I do see that the Israelis have legitimate claim to that land. Yet so do the Palestinians; who have been living in the land for centuries after the Jews were all taken as slaves by the Romans in 70 A.D. You want history, that is history. Archeology is proving the bible correct all the time. Now does that give them the right to attack the Palestinians the way they do? NO.. Absolutely not.

The Palestinians are in no way completely innocent in this conflict either. Someone once said, “If Palestinians lay down their arms first, there will be no war. If Israel lays down their arms 1st, there will be no Israel.”
That is certainly the truth. Ever since the formation of the Jewish state, it has been under constant bombardment. Conflict after conflict. The Palestinian people will not accept a Jewish state in any form in this area; nor will the rest of the Arab world. They tried to get rid of it only to be miserably defeated by the Israelis. Even if Israel does what they want and move out of the West Bank, they are not going to stop attacking. They will continue until its wiped off the map.

So the whole world is now talking about the plight of the Palestinian innocent. I hear and weep for them. But I also remember that when the planes hit the Towers in New York on 911, they were dancing in the street. I remember that when Hamas took over the government, all those who opposed were killed. We watched as they rioted in the streets, only to be killed by their very own.
Truth be told, its their very own that are killing them right now as well. If you provoke a lion with a stick, there is a good chance that you’re going to be killed. So why are they firing rockets and bombs into Israeli controlled territory?
Some time ago the Hamas government was looked at as a terrorist organisation. They still are. They really don’t care about the plight of their people. They attack the Israelis and when they fight back, they, Hamas, use their own people to gain sympathy from the world.

Sri Lanka war victimsI’ve seen this before. The same tactic was used by the LTTE in Sri Lanka; until the Sri Lankan government finally said enough is enough and attacked the lot and didn’t let up until they caught and killed all the leaders. Many innocent people died, but the Tamil people in Sri Lanka are finally free from the LTTE oppression and fear.
Its not easy when you have one set of people fighting another, who have more resources and power. Obviously in any fight, you’d always use your advantage; hence you have more deaths on the Palestinian side.
It’s interesting how the media reports it here. They fail to mention the rockets, but only mention the Israelis persecuting the Palestinians. So what they are saying is that Israeli shouldn’t protect their women and children. They deserve to die; Palestinian children do not.

The pressure is on over here to pick a side. I won’t fall into that. I started this post asking the question, “Who’s Wrong?”
The answer to that question is, “They Both Are.” If there is one thing that I’ve learned, it is that you cannot judge an entire race based on the actions of a few misguided individuals.
The Palestinian government should concentrate on improving the lives of its people instead of arming fanatics. The Israelis should know that the innocent are the only ones who will suffer in the current condition and should have better ways on getting the real terrorists.
Both sides are equally guilty of making decisions that have brought violence on innocent people. What is the best way to end this conflict..? I’m not entirely sure. I can only just pray that this will end soon and no more people will have to die.


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