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Goodbye Alfa – Ford or Dodge?

In the last instalment, I pretty much was trying to decide whether I needed to get a new car or not. The debating went on and on; wondering whether getting a new car was going to be the better financial decision than restoring my Alfa Romeo 156.
For less I could do the Alfa to a point where that I will be able to use it without incident for the next 2 years. But that is not guaranteed. As is, this year, its been in the workshop for quite a bit longer than what I’ve used it.

In the end I went to the Alfa and in 50 degree centigrade weather, started it up and this brought in the Alfa’s biggest negative; its air-conditioning system. Its not that whether the car will cool, it will. Its more about how long that it will take to cool the cab. Unlike other cars in its class, the Alfa does not seem to be built with this hot weather in mind. Its vents are so small; the blow is more like being coughed on… by a mouse. πŸ˜›

It was then that I thought, that this does not do good for anyone and my social life will do better if I was able to pick up a girl in anything other than a moving sauna.

OK… So now its settled that I should go in for a new car. Most new cars come with 3 years free service contract with the dealers and a 5 year / 100,000 kms warranty; so anyone would do.
But if I’m going to commit myself to a 5 year finance scheme, I want to get something that I like.
Some have said that if the idea is to save finance and costs, it would be good to get something mainstream; which over here is an economical Japanese box. The problem is that I will be driving this thing for the next 5 years and I don’t want to be stuck in traffic in something that is quite dreary; mean no dis-respect to anyone who own them. It has to excite me, have all the modern features and be an all-round nice place to be.

I’ve always liked the Ram trucks. So I saw that there was an ad that mean’t that it was easily affordable for me . Went to the showroom and had a closer look at it.
Then talking to friend, (the special friend at work) whom I can always rely on to tell me the truth and nothing but the truth, she asked me whether I would really need something that big for everyday usage from work and back. To her a smaller vehicle would be better.
But then again, she’s not a Petrolhead (gear head); so she won’t understand that what drives us. πŸ˜›
But she did bring up so many interesting points that I did think of checking other options to find out what else it out there within my range that I would like to own.

So far I have narrowed my selections to the Ford Taurus, Ford Fusion & the Dodge Ram. Trying to decide which one of these will get me the most bang for the buck. Seems kinda crazy about comparing a truck to a sedan, but what I’m really trying to do is justify why reason to get a truck.

As usual, I invite any comments from my faithful followers. πŸ˜›

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