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Humbling Technology

oldcellphone If you’re into technology like me, chances are that you’re probably using a smartphone. This isn’t a debate over which is better; iOS vs Android or Blackberry.

Truth be told while everyone is bickerign over which one is better and which one has the most features, right now, I would be more than happy to have one that I could just use without much hassle.
There are those in the 1st world, that even though technology is so amazing advanced, do not use smartphones. They do not have the need to be continuously connected and have emails on the go, etc. I was one of them, until I got my 1st iPhone.

Prior to getting my iPhone, I had a Motorola RAZR. That small sleek device was all I ever wanted from a phone. Then when that finally gave up on me, I decided to get the iPhone, because it was new and it was an Apple device. I thought that it would be cool; it became more than that.

Recently my iPhone 5 started giving me trouble and since it was still under warranty, I gave it in. Now I realised that I do not have a phone to use. I thought that Jonathan (my kid brother) had a spare Android device that I could use till my phone was up and running again. I shuddered at the thought of using an Android device even though it was going to be for a couple of days. Sadly though, I was mistaken. The only spare device that was around, was a ancient Blackberry. I don’t know the models of Blackberry so I can’t tell you which one it is. 😛

A need is a need and so I have no choice. Here I am struggling to type on a Blackberry device thinking that these paws are just not going to get the best out of it. I kept thinking how did people use this device. It was no wonder that the iPhone caught on the way it did.
Honestly this is my 1st time using a Blackberry device so it leaves much to get used to; especially the feel of the buttons. The OS is not a problem. Feels limited even though the scroll button is quite good. I admit, but does not have the freedom of touchscreen. Another thing to note is that my current sim, has a Data plan that will not work with the Blackberry. So when I’m not at home or out of a known wifi zone, I do not have any connectivity.

This post is not for reviewing the device. Its more about the feeling that I’m having now. I shuddered at the thought of using an Android device, but now after having this Blackberry for a day and half now, I’m wishing that I did have one to use till I got my iPhone.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m grateful for the Blackberry. Something better than nothing. I see it much as a basic device for communication. I now have respect for those without smartphones and for those who choose to use the old Blackberries. They see what the mobile phone was invented to be used for – communication. They see no need for frills and games and pixels and resolutions. They see a need to have working phone, email and texting.
This Blackberry is humbling me. You never realise what you’ve got until you don’t have it anymore.

Thankfully I’ll only have to bear the absence of the iPhone for a couple of days more. But when I get it back, it will be with a new found appreciation for it and what is does for me.

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