Girl Trouble

Changing for someone.. Is it Worth it.. ?

In a recent post on Facebook, I said, “We change for the ones we love. Anyone who says otherwise, obviously has never loved.”
Was I right in saying that?

One thing that I know all too well about is that you don’t have to be in a relationship. You find yourself changing things about yourself just to attract that certain someone. I know of a few that started working out, just to get in shape so that they could impress someone. I know. I did it myself..Oh.. the pain, the agony. 😛

I have often heard both men and women say, “If he/she doesn’t accept you the way you are, then its not worth it.” I often find women would say that, but try to change the men in their lives. Face it Ladies, you do that. 😛
I don’t know what it is, but it almost seems that you ladies see us guys as projects. Most would settle for someone that need minor tweaking while others are confident enough to take on a complete disaster of case. HA HA 😀
Of course in the very rare occasions, you do find it the opposite way around.

While that may be the case, if you look carefully, whether you’re a man or woman, you find that every relationship that you’ve been in or the one that you’re in right now, has indeed changed you at some level. Sometimes the change is voluntary, others, proof of your commitment to the relationship.

So while we know that every relationship or would be relationship causes us to change, habits, itineraries, etc., there is a fine line in whether it is worth it or not. It seems that the best idea is to ‘Be Yourself’, but not just leave it there. Be the best possible You that you can be; Only change what fall short of that.
What your significant other sees as better may not necessarily be so.

I recently saw a question posted by someone who stated that even though she changed so much for the man she loved, it was never enough and soon they had to part ways, leaving her very hurt. So, in this case was it worth it? No…

WOW!!!… Look at me!… Giving relationship advice when I’ve never been in a real relationship. LOL 😛
But you don’t need to be in one to know what is the right way and the wrong way to do things. All what I’ve said right now is solely based on observation. I guess by standing on the sidelines for so long, I’ve learned to see things objectively.
I, myself, for the girl in the office, found myself changing to attract her. I became self-conscious about everything and saw things that I needed to change for the better; to be the best possible ME that I could. I’m currently my own project, no one else’s. With that said, I now see that whatever I sought to change has made me better without losing myself in the process.


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