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How to Measure a Man’s Greatness

How Leaders Manage

vvstatueYou don’t measure a man’s greatness by his talent, riches, or accomplishments. You judge a man’s greatness by what it takes to discourage him.
There have been hundreds of thousands of people who have accomplished magnificent feats only to be forgotten and remain nameless throughout the ages. Why would this be?
At the first sight of adversity they crumble up and fold. If someone can’t take a little criticism without getting discouraged, he isn’t very great. How to truly discern who is great is to ask yourself how much would the person be worth if you took away all their accomplishments.

One song that shows a man’s greatness is:
Craig Morgan This Ain’t Nothin’
He was standing in the rubble
Of an old farmhouse outside of Birmingham
When some on-the-scene reporter
Stuck a camera in the face of that old man
He said, tell the folks, please mister
What are…

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