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The Animal Song – 2 / I want to Live…

In part one, I asked what does it mean to be human? Now I ask.. Is it worth it.

The basic premise of the song above is about someone who is trying to break away from the burdens of being human. Having so many pets around me, I tend to think what an excellent life they have; almost envying them in the process.
Personally if I were a puppy, girls would definitely find me more interesting.. 😛

Like the song suggests, human life seems rather complicated. We may be on the top of the food chain, but realistically it takes a whole lot to keep the modern man satisfied. Just think of what it takes to keep us going… Sure the bare necessities are food, water and shelter and the ability to reproduce.. 😉
With that in abundance a man is set; physically. But it won’t satisfy our humanity. We’re, after all, complex beings.

The burdens of human life, of having to work for your living, to meet your daily needs, etc is something that we all wish we could do without. If I may, the bible talks about how life was for man in the Garden of Eden. Man only was given in charge to take care of the garden. He was able to eat whatever he wanted and live free from work or other pressures; much like a ‘pet’. 😉 Adam lost it all in the fall of man and as a result, all mankind has to now work for their food, etc. What an amazing life it would’ve been back then. I guess deep down, we’re all looking forward to finding our own Eden in life; a place where we can live without a care in the world.
Sadly for mankind, such a place does not exist on planet earth; unless your born the son of famous celebrity or a billionaire. 😛

Just thinking of breaking away from the pressures of human life and living in the wild, I have come to believe that the author of the song kind of lives in a dream world. It would be awesome to live a carefree like as an animal, but only if you were someone’s pet. Jungle life is not an easy one.
Anyone who has ever been camping, knows that surviving in the wilderness isn’t easy. Finding food, or a place to sleep away from the danger, etc is something that you’re in constant search for all the time. Even if you’re an animal. I may not believe in Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, but one thing is for certain; in the jungle, its the survival of the fittest. Oh sure that the burdens of jobs, etc won’t be there, but at the same time, all the bare necessities are still in play and one who isn’t ready for it will not find it so carefree.

So, as I said before… Is it worth being human? Yes. From everything that I said so far, the one thing that an animal cannot do is have an effect on its surroundings the way a human can. Our ability to think, create and invent is what makes us the dominant species on this planet.
If you feel burdened about life, don’t sit and dream about living as someone’s pet or running through the jungle, just Be The Change. Invent, Create, you’re on top; Act like it. 🙂


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