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IMG_2010 Growing up, I didn’t much get along with human beings to be honest. Yes, I did have friends and stuff, but never really felt at home or comfortable with them. That is probably the reason that I don’t see myself as having much of friends right now.

In my childhood, I could always count on our cat for that unconditional affection and support. So that bond, coupled with the experiments that me and my brother did, I never really felt much like a human being. Still don’t at times. So when I do see someone being cruel to animals, it makes me angry; very angry. So angry that it brings out the side of me that I just don’t want anyone to see.

Schopenhauer said it best in quote above. If you want to know how good someone is, see how they act around animals. In making new friends or meeting new people, I now make it a point to get their views on animals and see how they treat them.

Now, I’m not talking about people who dislike animals as a group. There are those who are not comfortable around animals, out of fear or other reasons, but still will not be cruel to them. I know of many, who are really such good and decent people when you get to know them. Some would even go as far as to be in support of causes for the prevention of animal cruelty.


What I don’t understand is could anyone be cruel to an animal?
Frankly, I’m not surprised as well. Considering the way that some of us treat our own fellow human beings, cruelty to animals isn’t that far step to take.

If you were to take definition of humanity as showing compassion and kindness, etc., you find out that as humans, we’ve got a lot to learn from the animals than about it.


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