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Julian Almighty

In support of the new Dumb and Dumber 2 coming out later this year, I thought it would be fun to do a Jim Carey marathon. I went through his light hearted Ace Ventura series and the Mask. Dumb and Dumber was memorable. Then came Bruce Almighty…

Much like Liar Liar, this had a serious message attached. I’ll attempt to describe the plot of the movie without ruining it completely for those who haven’t watched it yet.
Bruce, is tired of what he sees as getting the short end of the stick in everything. He finally comes to the point where he even blames God for it. God appears and since Bruce thinks He’s doing a lousy job, decides to give Bruce His powers; to be God for the city he lives in. This is where the fun begin and climaxes with everything turning into chaos.

The message of the movie is simple.. Be The Change. Quite often I find myself in Bruce’s shoes. Not really happy with where I am, not really happy with everything in life at the moment and hoping that one of these days, I’d catch a break. Like Bruce went to the extent of questioning God about it. Why is my life the way it is? When will things go right. In fact, I was envious of the character of Bruce. At least he had a girlfriend who loved and cared for him. I don’t even have that.

After the end of the movie, I began to think, what would I have done if I was in his shoes. What if God gave me that power to change. Would I have made the same mistakes? Probably… Given Power like that, who wouldn’t 1st think of themselves.
But that was the point. I was so focused on what I didn’t have that I never bothered to appreciate what I did. Listening to a friend over the weekend and the place that he was in, I realized that my job may not give me much money, but it gives me a quality of life that he lacked. My car may not be the best, but I wouldn’t trade it for another. I may not have a girlfriend, but I have many female friends that respect me.

Are there things about my life that I would like to change?.. Yes. Do I want to see change in the world I live in?…Yes.
Then my option is to stop whining and Be The Change; in some small way. 🙂

Day by day, I’m learning to find contentment with the good in my life, accepting the things I cannot change and what I can, being the change in that situation; not just for me, but for what benefits everyone. Quite often in the pursuit of happiness, we often forget the ones around us and how what we do could affect them. I realize that by putting others 1st, I see their needs as well as my own and I can now focus on meeting both, the best way I can.


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