It's just Me...

I prefer the Sticks & Stones….

Ssticksandstonesticks and Stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me. 
How many times have we heard this statement. Does it make any sense. To those whose concentration is on the physical, Yes it does.

But, when it comes to the matters of the mind, heart, soul, etc., it is amazing how the opposite stands true.
Words are not something to be taken lightly. Just because you don’t see blood, doesn’t mean a person isn’t wounded. For years, I grew up with the notion that I wasn’t as good as by brother. Though I was the oldest, Jason would constantly remind me on how stupid I was and how inferior I was in comparison to him.

I for a while, believed it to be true. I would always compare myself to him and how adventurous he is; and see my fear of heights, my lack of understanding in technical stuff and feel, he was indeed right. I would never be as good as him. It felt that whatever I was good at, wasn’t worth it at all. Those things weren’t important and I believed it to be true.

As I grew older and wiser, I realized that if I didn’t break free, I was going to living under his shadow all my life. And so, in a huge battle of wits, I broke free. Jason, to this day, hasn’t changed. I’m still the inferior in his eyes, but only in his eyes. Today, no one else sees me that way. No more do I hear the words, “Why can’t you be like Jason?”

Like the picture says, Words infect the mind; both positively and negatively. My infection was deep. Now, in a disagreement, I’d rather have us going at it with our fists than using our forked tongues. I know our physical wounds will heal a whole lot faster than a wounded spirit.

The bible talks about death and life being the in power of the tongue and that every man must give an account for every word that he speaks. Wait a sec. How are we supposed to remember all that?
What is interesting is that Quantum Scientists have the answer. They say that if they could build the right equipment, they could pull out a conversation from 100 years ago word for word. According to them, every word that was ever spoken, is floating around, all around us.
Its interesting to think that if there really is a God who will ultimately judge the entire world, it would be just like him to have a way to keep record of everything that was and will be said on this our earth and have a way to access it.

My beliefs aside, words affect us, even when we try to believe they don’t. If you must infect someone with your words today, let it be something uplifting and encouraging. We don’t know how long we have on this earth. Do we really want our last words to be something we’d regret?


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