Saturday the 14th

My life is probably a blip on the radar of life, but from what I’ve observed so far, everyone is superstitious about something. You find even rational people, whom you’d never suspect to be superstitious, to do some sort of tradition or something crazy, when supporting their favorite sporting team, etc.
While I’m no expert on the matter, there must be some truth in some superstitions. What causes such crazy notions is beyond me. We even have a day; where supposed superstitions are heightened to the point close to insanity.
I don’t know the history of how Friday the 13th came to be, perhaps something for me to research on for a later date, but its interesting to see the difference in the way people react to it these days.
So why the day and where did all these superstitions come from? Well if you wanna know that, I suggest Google. My article is not about Friday the 13th… Its about the day after. Why?… Quite simple. Saturday is the 14th is the day that you learn to live with all the choices you made on the day before. 😛

I suppose truly rational people aren’t really gonna make any choices based on some lousy superstition, but stranger things have happened. That said, sometimes even rational people have confusingly unlucky days; at no fault of their own. I know this.. I’m one of them. 😛

With this post, I ask you guys to comment on by posting their Saturday the 14th stories. How was your Saturday the 14th?


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