Girl Trouble

Rule 90

691gavelAvid followers of this blog would remember this post below: The Rules
The one thing that I sought to do was to create personal rules. Rules to give a bit of structure in my life; after all, where would we all be without rules. Let’s face the fact, our rules define us.
We all have them.

Anyways, as you’ll notice in the blog post, I’ve only mentioned the 8 rules that I follow with a promise to add more as I saw fit. The one thing that my followers do not know is that there is a 9th rule that I did not mention. That’s because I did not place it at #9 but 90.
Rule 90 – Never fall for someone you work with.
Its a given that most people do not generally date or get into relationships with co-workers because of the general awkwardness if it does not workout; or for the pure fact of professionalism, you’d never mix business and pleasure. Hence Rule 90 was made; considering at the time, it made complete sense. It was put at such a high number because at the time, the thought of it coming into play was highly unlikely. Sadly or happily, whichever way you look at it, I’m guilty of breaking it more than once; every day in fact.

For the sake of her privacy, I will not go into details. In short, there is a girl at the office that I have fallen for.

It just sort of happened. That one fateful day, I saw her and was so completely smitten, I was left speechless. Something happened, something changed. Her smile so warm, would melt the hardest of hearts and her eyes radiated with beauty, intelligence & passion. It was then that I knew I wasn’t just merely looking at a gorgeous beauty, but a miracle.

The post anyway is not about her, its about the fact that I broke Rule 90. What’s worse is I keep on doing it everyday and I cannot do anything about it to stop; not sure I want to either.

Every day, something about her just draws me in and I keep falling over and over again. I guess the real debate with this post is not on whether I broke Rule 90; I have, its a given. I’m guilty.
“Is she worth it?”.. That’s the real question.

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