It's just Me...

Am I Complaining… ? Somebody Stop Me…

  “I’m trying not to complain anymore”, said a very good and gorgeous friend. To be honest, she’s right, we should all try to do the same.In this modern world of ours, there is quite a lot that we can complain about. In fact it takes more strength NOT to.

The 1st time she mentioned it to me, I felt ashamed. Here I was, the Christian, the one who should be an example to others in keeping a positive attitude, I was pretty much the same as everyone else; ranting and complaining about whatever was upsetting me that day.
Its easy to complain and thats what most people do. But you’d notice that its all that they do. Whe something is not the way you want it and you complain, very few of us actually get up and do something about it.

The truth is in most cases, when you’re faced with something that you cannot do anything about, what do you do. What are you supposed to do..? Complaining is all we have. Or is it…?

The one thing I’ve noticed is that how easily our minds tend to focus on the negative and completely ignore the positive. Have you ever noticed how you can do something so much good in someone’s life and the one moment you make a mistake, the mistake is remembered far more than the countless good that you’ve done… ?

Complaining does not just affect your mood. It also affects those around you. It also is what makes and breaks relationships. No one really wants to hang around someone who is a pessimist and is always in a grumpy mood.
No.. People much rather hang around the person that makes them laugh and generally makes their day brighter.

I’d like to be someone that attracts people… like Gravity. 😛


1907315_10152344596340935_3659674131417312253_nTo stop complaining, just like the message above says, we 1st need to get our minds in order. Stop focusing on the negative and make it a point to see the brighter picture.
Being thankful for what is going good is one way to start and always make it a point to look for the “silver lining in every cloud”. The 1st few days it will be hard. The will show that you’re purposely doing it, but once it becomes habitual, you’ll soon see the change.
Perspective is the key and the other step is to try not to focus on ourselves, but rather on others. I’ve noticed that the more you focus on yourself and your issues, the more that there is to complain about. The more you focus on others and start to help others, the more grateful you’ll start to be.




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