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Why Pray…


The one thing that many consider a touchy subject these days is God and religion. History is filled with so many fights and wars fought over it that you wonder which one is the truth. Then you have those with atheistic views, who say that religion should be wiped away; since it causes so much of problems.

The truth is I agree with them. Religion should be wiped away from our lives. We don’t have time for religion; religious traditions and its non-sense. Now those who know me, know that I’m a believer in the Bible and the Christian faith. But that is the whole point of it. If Christianity was mean’t to be religion, I would not be following it at all.
‘Religion’ by definition is man’s quest to find God or higher Spirituality. ‘Christianity’ by its very doctrine is the complete opposite of it. We have a loving Creator who came down to restore a broken relationship with His creation. Christianity is not religion, its relationship.

However the question is not about religion. Its about Prayer. Essentially Why Pray?
As a kid in Sunday school, they always told us, “prayer is talking to God”. So, no matter what religious group you find yourself in, its a way that we communicate to our respective deities; making our desires known. I have experienced the benefits of a simple prayer. In one instance, when I didn’t know what to do, I said a prayer, just asking for a bit of guidance. No sooner than I had said “Amen”, a creative solution just came into my head that completely changed everything for the better. Was it God answering? I believe it was. Others may see that differently.

Let’s face it. While not everyone is a believer in God, everyone has Hope. In dire situations, we all have the same kind of feeling, wishing that everything will work out. That in itself is a kind of prayer. So, everyone prays; in some form or the other.
The way I look at it is, considering that everyone does eventually pray in some form or the other, wouldn’t it be nice knowing that there is someone who is actually listening..?


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