Life in Dubai

Women Beware…

Ok… This post has a bit of serious note to it and a fair warning to all my female friends.

In my recent posts, you think that I don’t like the U.A.E., Dubai or the local Arabs. On the contrary, I admire and respect them; well some of them.

When I was growing up here in Dubai, I felt that it was practically the safest place on earth; no crime at all, especially violent sexual ones. Truth be told there was a lot that I didn’t know that happened and stuff that was just covered up.
For instance, one of my dad’s colleagues, a newly wed, brought his wife over from India and one day while they were walking on the street, a black Lexus rolled up, a couple of arabs got out, hit him, grabbed her, put her in the car and drove off. Never to be heard of again.
Sure its not something that you want to share with a 6 year old. šŸ™‚
Stuff like this wasn’t common, but whatever happened, you can be sure was never in the media and covered up. Dubai was interested in keeping that image of safety and you can be sure that the locals could pretty much get away with anything.

I suppose you’ll find crime and stuff like the aboveĀ happening all over the world and there isn’t a city on earth that won’t have its share of issues; nor want to have it published in the media. But if someone made the effort, there would be media coverage. That wasn’t the case here until recently.
With Dubai now becoming the cosmopolitan city that it is now, media is all over the place watching and waiting. The internet opened up the media more as well. Anyone involved with criminal acts cannot hide behind family reputations or wealth anymore.

Anyways, I’m making a bold statement here. To all my female friends on Facebook, twitter and elsewhere. If AN ARAB / EMIRATIĀ invites you to a private party at a house where there will be alcohol, TAKE CARE.
DO NOT ATTENDĀ ALONE.Ā You are not safe. If you intend on going, be sure to take a NON-ARAB friend with you. If you want to know what I’m on about, please read the article in the link below.

If you read it, the response of the arab defendant, really boils me over. Call me a old fashioned, but if I invite someone to a party and she gets completely drunk that she starts stripping and stuff, I’d do the right thing and take her home. Not as he says, “put some clothes on her and throw her out.”

Seriously girls, the Emiratis are hospitable people, but you have predatorsĀ hanging around tourist spots looking to catch easy prey. In most cases like this, they always claim that the sex was consensual and that the victim is only trying scam money out of wealthy local families.
Even the law here can be so horrible. In some cases the victims themselves were jailed and imprisoned for having sex outside of wedlock.
How stupid is that? You’re also on trial for being a victim.

I write this because I had a lovely friend visit Dubai and claim how awesome itĀ is and that its probably the best city in the world. I would agree that all she saw was the good part and it is pretty impressive. Dubai is an amazing place. But, like all other cities, you need to careful. Even more so here I say than anywhere else.

I see more and more of my gorgeous online friends from out of town making Dubai a stop on their travels. My advice to them is to just be careful about the people you meet. If you need someone to show you around, I’m always available. I just don’t want to reading about any one of them in the local paper. šŸ˜¦


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