Life in Dubai

Welcome to Dubai

The one thing that I both love & hate about my job is that I have to work with government departments. For those of you who do not know, I work in Public Relations. While that is a vast field everywhere else in the world, over here in Dubai, it just means the guy who does the visas and licensing for the company.
Sure there are other things and other government departments that I need to deal with, but for the most part of my job, I deal with immigration.
So what has Dubai done now to spark this; the lastest of my rants..? The Articles Below… And a situation at work.

This has been happening for a couple of years now and its getting a bit ridiculous. I realize that in any country, based on political situations and stuff, there are red flags being raised every time particular nationals apply for visas. But as is usually expected, all the documentation is taken in and each case is carefully considered and answered in a timely manner. This what you would expect from any country which claims modern, reasonable standards.

In Dubai its not like that. In Dubai when you apply for a visa for a certain “red-flagged” national, the application is forwarded for a certain “Security” check. Once the Security check comes clear, the visa will be issued. This is acceptable.

However in recent months, I’ve noticed that certain nationalities have come under the list of “red-flagged” countries and have been refused visas and have been openly discriminated against.
Currently at work, I’m trying to get a work visa for a new colleague. He’s a national of a nearby Arab country (which shall remain nameless) and an extremely good worker. Everyone is happy with his performance, etc. To top it all off, he was born and brought up in Dubai and has hardly ever been outside of Dubai. The only ties he has to his nationality is his passport.
Considering all that, his current work visa application has been declined twice. Twice the “Security” check has rejected his visa. Now even if we want to find out what is the issue, the immigration officers will just turn us away.

Have a look at the articles above. It is becoming crazy. There are stories of those who are just heading out of the country on vacation and as they pass through immigration, they’re called aside only to have their work permits cancelled and told that they have been banned from entering back into the country. All, out of the blue and with no explanation. They were told they just have to accept it.

Welcome to Dubai; where racism and national discrimination is openly practised without any remorse. This is the place where the world chose to have its Expo 2020. Sure it was a wise choice?
What’s the point when half of the world’s nationalities will not be able to enter the country.

The best part of it all is that while the same government pledges to send relief to children in Syria, yet will not allow visas to be issued to that those people will be able to come here, earn and support themselves.

Yup.. Irony can be so Ironic… 😛

A note to my readers: Share this to everyone you know. Only by sharing the truth can we have a chance to bring change for the better. 


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