The Vessels – A Poem About Teaching

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As I spent my next to last weekend in teacher training with Mimi Ray Yoga at Expressions of Grace in Grand Rapids, Michigan, I woke up with this poem.  I have always taken my teaching responsibilities very seriously.  This poem highlights our duties when we take on the role of teacher – in whatever fashion it may be – school teacher, fitness instructor, yoga teacher, pastor.  We have an awesome responsibility that is also an amazingly rich experience.  I hope you enjoy the poem.

The Vessels

Each morning I fill them
Empty vessels, waiting.
I carefully add, drop by drop,
until they can hold no more.

Each day they expand;
A little more room to fill
But all that has been added before

Sometimes I overflow them,
Accidentally overzealous.
Spewing down the sides,
The precious vessels
Become stagnant and discolored.

I lovingly clean them.
With great kindness and care,

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