Life in Dubai

One Day; 700 Crashes

Sounds insane? Sounds too ridiculous to be true? Welcome to Dubai.

The above news article will clearly show how many accidents happened on the roads across the U.A.E. What was the claimed cause? Rain. Yes, you guessed it… Rain.

It begs belief that simple rain can be the cause of so much panic on a simple highway. In Europe and other parts of the world, where rain is a frequent event, you won’t even see as much chaos. So why here?
Surely the amount of rain isn’t nearly as close to a monsoon season in Asia or a winter storm in Europe.

Truth be told, Dubai isn’t built for rain. We don’t get it as often and so when it does happen, it seems that the whole city goes into a panic. Some of the roads have no proper drainage and flood so easily. To add to the misery, we have idiotic locals and expats alike who think that the rain shouldn’t have an effect on a cars performance and so drive the same way they would in the dry. Even a novice race driver knows that you need to adapt to the weather conditions.
When the cars react differently, they panic… Hence 700 crashes.

To me its yet another nuisance or idiosyncrasy of Dubai that you just have to live with. I’ve been in Dubai far too long to note that nothing is going to change, no matter how many warnings the police or anyone may give.


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