Finding Meaning in Suffering

Another hit from Seth.. Enjoy.

Seth Adam Smith

Lonely Arizona Road “Are you sure you don’t want some of my water?” my brother David asked, extending his canteen.

“I’m fine,” I grumbled irritably.

“What about some protein bars or snacks?” he asked. “Rob and Julie have lots of extra. I’m sure they’d be happy to give you some.”

“No, seriously,” I said, gritting my teeth. “I don’t need any of that stuff. I’m fine. I can do this.”

It was May 2011 and my older brother David had invited me to hike the Grand Canyon with him and his in-laws. We had taken Kaibab trail, a grueling 25-mile hike from the South Rim to the North Rim with a staggering 4,780-foot change in elevation—downhill and then uphill. But none of that bothered me. After all, I had worked for several years at a wilderness therapy program in Arizona. I knew all about heat, hiking, and hydration. I knew how to do…

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