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How Big Should it Be?…

Smartphone-fingerSmartphones. They’re all over these days. It seems everyone has one and without one, you’re not in keeping with the times.

When the mobile phone was invented, it was merely something invented for making phone calls and talking to others on the go. That’s it. These days, most people hardly use their phone for that.


I recall the time, when a mobile phone pretty much had to held and operated with two hands; and was used for one reason – making phone calls. Slowly as technology progressed, we began to see smaller and sleeker models released until they were small and light and so easy to use; like my Motorola RAZR (pictured left).

By this time we were doing much more than just making phone calls. We had SMS and cameras to share pictures. We also had smart devices called Blackberries. The now failing company was once a giant in the industry, making a huge impact with their services and devices. It mean’t that you had mobile phone calls, sms messaging, camera, email, etc.. pretty much limitless possibilities.

Then came Apple… And turned the whole world upside down with their iPhone. Now the smart phone entered a phase where the its possiblities were way beyond what the blackberries could do. Pretty much after that, you had Android and Windows mobile start up trying to copy the same and style are making a huge success of it.

OK, now with the introduction over, lets get down to business. The main reason for this article, as the title suggests, is kind of a reaction to a recent rumor that the new iPhone 6 will be wider than the current one to just to give it 1080p resolution.
I’m currently not in favor of that. Looking at the current trend in smartphone, especially on the Android side, you see some horrendously over-sized devices to be even thought of as phones.

Now this is not a debate on which is better – iOS or Android. But in passing I’ll say this, while I do agree that Android may boast some better and interesting features above iOS, I still WILL NOT use Android. I’d rather use a crappy Blackberry than join the ranks of the Android side. Why? I have two brothers, who are avid Android fans and keep trying to make me “see the error of my ways”.
Frankly the biggest problem I have with Android are not the devices, but its users. Such an obnoxious bunch with youtube channel after youtube channel of slamming iOS and the iPhone.

I agree, the iPhone is not perfect, but getting back to the subject at hand, why does Apple feel the need to join the ranks and follow a useless trend? Why change the size of the iphone?
Well most claim that its what most users want and that is why most people switch to Android devices; so that they can enjoy high definition video and stuff on the go. I get that, but those people are missing the point.
The point is that its a phone. It should be something that can easy be used by everyone with one hand; regardless if you had oversized hands or not.
And again, what is it that most people use their smartphones for? Email, WhatsApp and updating their Facebook and twitter statuses. And the last time I checked, you don’t need a huge screen for that. Their are those who use their old blackberries and are perfectly happy with them. Why? Because they’re small and compact. 😛

My brothers, along with many Android users, are pretty much happy that the iphone will be bigger. This means that the hardware will be better; according to them. But to me, it will only look like Apple is following a trend that seems to me, only harken to stone age of mobile technology.
We went away from bricks. Why do we need to bring them back again? When does having a phone that is too big to put in your pocket a good thing?

If you look carefully, Android is brilliant. Its just that the hardware partners of the mobile operating system are using it wrong. For one, they make tiny devices, void of major attractive features and make large devices with every awesome thing they can pack into it. All in the name of making money.
While taking all the criticism from morons, Apple was the sensible one with keeping the size of the iphone the same. Alright, having to use itunes is a real damper on the experience and the iOS isn’t all that customizable, but one thing that was clear is that it was easy use with one hand, BY EVERYONE and could easily fit in any slim jeans pocket. 😛

If I’m honest, I certainly hope this is only a rumor and stays that way. OK, if Apple wants to something new with its iphone, they should give the iOS more customizability like Android does and have the various apps talk to each other better (like being able to post to instagram from the photos app rather than having to 1st switch to the actual instagram app itself)… Those things would be a much better use of Apples R&D budget than making something bigger.

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  1. Interesting post – from the owner of a not at all crappy BlackBerry Z10 which I love but will admit, should have been released much sooner for RIM to have stood a chance in today’s market…

    Totally agree with you, as soon as we got used to smaller phones we’ve been hit by the bricks again and like you, I’m not jumping on the bandwagon!!

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