Life in Dubai

You Call That Justice?

Drunk driver jailed 2-month in fatal hit-and-run |

Call me old fashioned or crazy, but I do believe in equality; like many of us westernized people. I’d like to think that I’m a just man and punishment should fit the crime. But, sadly we live in a world that does not share our same values and truths. To those of us, who choose to live in places like the Middle East and parts of Asia, should kind of accept the fact that there will be those who will be given preferred treatment.

The above article has caused a great deal of outrage amongst us expats here in the Dubai. The country which had the honor of winning the Expo 2020 recently certainly now has an image to portray.
Although seeing the everything that is going on here at the moment, it appears nothing has changed for the better. It only seems to be getting more and more bizarre.

I can’t say that I’m surprised the guy got such a funny sentence for what can only be described as murder. What really has upset many here is the fact that another recent article in the paper had reported that some expats were sentenced for 2 -3 years and deportation after; just for allegedly consuming alcohol possibly without a license. Which is the bigger crime?
Even more, if the man was of Asian origin, the sentence would’ve been a whole lot worse for him and if he was a local, depending on the nationality of the victim, quite possibly non-existent.

To my fellow expatriates in Dubai, this nothing new and its not likely anything is going to change. The punishment in Dubai does not fit the crime. It more or less is decided based on who you know and where you come from.
We live in a country where the authorities show favoritism depending on your race, sex and even your appearance. If you don’t believe me, just visit a police station at one time; not that you’ll want to.

I’m persuaded to say that you won’t find a perfect country and you probably will find the same kind of behaviour in places like USA or Europe if you looked for it. But Dubai is a place where all this is practised so openly without any shame. The Government talks about equal rights and treatment to everyone but you rarely see it in practise. Any effort to exercise such rights is equally frowned upon too.

So, is there “Justice” in Dubai? Yes and No.
If you seek it, you will find it. But you need to be persistent and determined about it and its gonna cost you dearly.
There are those locals who seek to change things for the better for everyone, but the vast majority of them like the things the way they are right now. Its sad but true.


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