Girl Trouble


Will-you-be-my-valentineWell its that time of the year again. The loneliest time of the year for me.
While its no surprise that I’m not in any kind of a relationship and I do not currently have anyone to share this day with, I can truly say for certain, the past year has been an eventful one. Those who follow my blog closely, especially the “Girl Trouble” section, know what I’m on about.

The situation with the girl at the office is somewhat the unchanged. She still sees me as a good friend and I’m not sure whether I’m able to change that. As with my Facebook fiasco, with all the models, its getting out of hand where every picture I like and every comment I make, is probably going to upset someone, somewhere. Its already claimed its share of victims.

So now, there are many questions floating around simply asking ‘Why’…

Why are you not in a relationship? Why are you hooked on just this one girl at the office?
Answer – Its definitely me. Its not that I’m a bad guy or anything. From the face of it, I’m probably the kind of guy that every girl wants, but never gets. With the exception of being extremely wealthy and good-looks, I have pretty much everything that a girl would want in a guy. Perhaps THAT is my flaw – My own mediocre looks and existence. But then again, there are those with far less who have so much better luck.
The girl at the office isn’t overly materialistic to care about how much you have in your bank account. That’s one thing that I do love about her. But, I do think that the looks would be a factor to her. I suppose the looks is something that every girl wants; even though she says it isn’t particularly important.
Getting back to my point, I do feel that its the initial impression I give girls that lets me down. I suppose I appear so overly ordinary that there is nothing remotely interesting that would attract a girl of her caliber. But then by the time said individual does get to know me and find out that there is so much more to me than meets the eye and a spark of interest does ignite, she’s already in a relationship with someone else. OR.. maybe the later never happens at all.
So what do I do? Change? Be overly impressive right from the start? Easy to say. Hard to do. I’m simply just not that kind of guy. I wish I had the confidence like Will Smith in ‘Hitch’; but I do not have the skill nor the charm to pull that off.

So forget her. What about all your ‘Friends’ on Facebook? Surely there are girlfriend options there…
Yes and No… While there are many amazingly beautiful people in that list, I do not believe that there is one that would look at ‘Tall, dark & Goofy-looking’ and find it to be boyfriend material. I could be wrong though. But in my personal opinion, while there are many success stories of those finding love from online friendships, anyone who considers me as a person of interest should keep their expectations really low.
Its easy to dazzle everyone with awesome online personas but I prefer to keep things real in mine and that would certainly suggest that I will also appear as uninteresting to all of them.
Besides, while many of them could be called Goddesses, I do not see them in that way. I see them as friends. Their potential lies ONLY in that aspect.

Sounds like I’m being a downer on myself, but I’m not. I probably just need to find out what do I have? What can I offer that no other guy can?…
Or Maybe what I need to do is ask my female friends what is it about me that does & doesn’t make me boyfriend material. What kind of impression do I really give girls? I think that is a good place to start.

As usual, I’m open to any comments or suggestions that any of you may have.


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