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Greatest Gift…

1506632_10152583973408356_1813345140_nFor some, it goes too fast; for others, it feels like it drags on for ages. It flies when you’re having fun and slows down when you’re bored.
Some feel that they don’t have enough and some feel its in endless supply. What is it?.. Time.

Truth be told, most of us hardly think about time. We wouldn’t give the number of our years on this earth a blink of an eye, until we hear the news that our time is up.
Time is indeed precious and that is why the quote to the left makes so much sense. It really the best Gift in the world.

I came across this quote when browsing through my timeline on Facebook. Lets be honest; most of us look to the cost vs reward with pretty much everything that we do. We need to know what can we get out of it.
Yes that is important. Time spent is time lost; time you’d never get back and we would want to know that whatever it is that we do is counted for something.
Its is for this very reason that our time is practically the best gift that you can give. It shows that you value the person more than the most precious possession on this earth.


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