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Hackintosh Update

I guess its time that I gave you guys an update on my Hackintosh.

Screen Shot 2014-02-01 at 23.23.26The machine is going great.. Here is a screenshot (left)…
Its amazing why I didn’t think of doing this sooner. Being an Apple fan-boy, I never really supported this kind of thing until Apple announced the latest Mac Pro.
I recently noticed that the computer was starting to lag a bit in performance; especially when the system wakes from sleep. Considering that the my old mac mini had 8GB of ram and this Hackintosh has only 4GB; I thought that it was time for an upgrade. Yes.. 16GB should be fine. 😛

IMG_1486-257x300Being Saturday and the weekend, Jonathan and myself decided to make a day of it. We went shopping bought a set of 16GB of high performance ram pictured (right).

In addition to the ram, we got an Apple keyboard (full-size & wired). Its an amazing keyboard. Its not a mechanical keyboard but it has such an awesome feel. Its feel mechanical.

After buying the stuff we went for lunch. Was a good day out.


Screen Shot 2014-02-02 at 0.13.53

Anyways, back to the Hackintosh. Currently after installation, here is the configuration.
Future upgrades include an SSD, possibly more ram and a graphics card.

After installation of the ram, we had to update the motherboard with the latest bios to get it to work properly. But I guess that is what you get with a Hackintosh. Like many who have done these machines before me have said, nothing is straight forward as with a normal mac. There will be issues that need attending to. Its pretty much like running a Hot Rod; a blend of various parts to make something cool and unique.


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