THIS is The Most Damning Belief of All Time

Another winner from Seth. Just had to reblog.. 🙂

Seth Adam Smith

There is a popular belief among all of us that I think is pure evil—and I don’t use that word lightly. It is a contemptible, destructive philosophy that crushes hope and it freezes its followers in a lake of stagnation. Instead of ennobling and strengthening those who embrace it, this belief drags men and women down. It encourages isolation, fosters fear, and perpetuates resentment. It robs men and women of their strength and will to fight; it makes them give in and fall down instead of hold true and stand up. In short, this philosophy is anything but liberating—it is damning. Like a pernicious plague, this belief—if embraced—can stunt our growth and limit our life.

The belief?

I can’t change. I am a victim of my circumstances.

Yet despite all of its side effects, we nevertheless cling to this belief to one degree or another. In order to make…

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