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Banned From The Bible

God is a communicator. He has been communicating or attempting to communicate for centuries. Be it through His creation or in word, prophecy, God has been bestowing knowledge to mankind for as long as we’re on earth. Now in the same manner, if we were to acknowledge the existence of God and the his ways of communicating with us, we also should then accept that there are other spirits, not of God, that will do the same. Jesus states so in the book of Matthew chapter 16.

Bearing what I said above, this post is about a series of documentaries that I came across on youtube. They talk about how the Holy Bible as we have it now and mostly about certain texts and books that were not included on purpose and how they are recently being discovered.

It is no secret that I’m a strong believer in Christ. And while the videos below shed some insight into how the bible came to be as what we know it today, it has not shattered my beliefs nor my faith.
I still have no reason to question that the Holy Bible is the ‘Word of God’. Yes it is written by men. But men under the anointing of God. Does that mean that the texts not included were not written by men under the same anointing?.. They probably were. Or maybe they weren’t. I am not in a position to judge that. But as the Bible that we have it now. I’ve seen the truth in its 66 books, not just in the form of great literature, but what effect its words have on a man’s soul; which is the true nature and purpose of scripture.

In watching the documentaries below, its interesting that most of these so called Gospels and books have unknown authors or ones that just put the name of some well respected individual to gain credibility.

While its true that so many scriptures were not included in the bible, to say that it is flawed as is, is to be completely ignorant about the real truth. Christianity was never mean’t to be a separate religion, it was all about re-uniting man with God. God reaching out to man to have a close personal relationship with his creation. That’s it.
I blame the church as a whole. Somewhere we got caught up in trying to preserve our faith and put some order, that we completely lost the sight of the real mission and became an organisation.
That is what the Catholic and Orthodox church brought to us.. something completely useless.

Whats even more interesting is that they mock the Christian bible by comparing texts not included in it and state that those same texts are included in the Quran, but they don’t to a similar comparison about the Quran not having any mention of Christ’s death on the cross; which is a historical fact.

Why attack the Christian Bible and not any other book? Is it because its easier? Because Christians won’t put up a fight? I’ll tell you why we won’t… we don’t need to defend our faith.
Its like going to a zoo and seeing a little kid taunting a lion. If you tell the kid not to do that, whom are you trying to defend? The Kid? Or the Lion?…
The lion does not need us to defend it. Its only needs to be let out of its cage.
That moment is coming soon… Who’s ready?

Just something to think upon… Enjoy the vids. 🙂


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