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1st Ink

IMG_0668Sorry for the late update but, Yes… I finally got a tattoo. Been wanting one forever. And I knew what I wanted.

December, 2013. It was my 1st proper vacation in 7 years. Yeah, I know, too long.. 😛
My cousin was getting married and no one else in my family was able to attend. But seeing that I had accumulated so much leave, I had to either take it or loose it forever. I decided that I would attend; and other than just the wedding, I was going to make it a 2 week vacation to remember and what better way than to get my 1st ink.

I always knew what I wanted to get done, but tattooists in Dubai can be expensive; due to the fact that according to Islamic law, its forbidden. So dark, so rebellious.. 😛
I knew my cousin had one done and decided to ask him to take me to a place while he attended to his wedding details. We made a plan and the day I landed in Sri Lanka, we went.
We went to this shop in a small shopping center and there was this guy in the waiting room smoking a joint. The whole place had smell of weed and it blended nicely with the tiki god statues and voodoo style decor of the place.
As it turns out, the smoker was the artist and the 3 of us talked and decided on design and price. Came just to my budget.
We went into the room where he did the work (pictured above)…

As he set his instruments with me in the seat,
Is this your 1st tattoo?… He asked.
Yup.. 1st one… I answered.
You know its going to painful right?… He continued.
Yup.. Don’t worry.. I’m tough enough.. I should be able to handle it… Is that your smallest needle?…
He smiled and completed the setup..

Gimme a minute.. he said as he left the room. I soon got the smell of smoke. Yes, he was smoking another joint.
Several minutes later, he came in..
I braced myself for the worst pain ever.
You can begin now… I said.
I did… he said.
What?.. Really?… Hmm.. not as bad as everyone said it would be…
Should I continue?…
Well, can’t have me going home with half a tattoo… By all means. Continue.
OK.. then you need to look away. I need a bit of room to work.

Me and that ceiling tile had a deep connection that day. 😛

One hour later, we had this (below)…. and it looks good. Even my cousin was impressed with the results.

IMG_0667“You have to be really sure that is what you want done, because its permanent,” said a friend a few months ago when I told him I wanted to get a tattoo done.
‘Its also something personal. I got mine to remind me of something,’
he continued.
I totally agreed with him there. I guess that is why people sometimes get the most strangest of ink. My Facebook friend, Amanda Chu, has a mermaid on the whole of her back. Another friend has a ‘My little Pony’ on her shoulder.
When I told him what I wanted to get, he called it childish as compared to his Ying/Yang style tribal artwork, but too me, its something personal.
Oh sure, people know this symbol as children’s tv series, but to me, its something completely different..

This was my 1st tattoo and I plan on getting 2 more.. I’m being very selective about what I get done. After all its permanent… 🙂

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