Girl Trouble

Facebook Friends

Online Friendships.

I’m not very outgoing person. Meeting new people is not something that I enjoy and that’s one of the most boring things about me. Perhaps its because I’m a shy person and the one thing that I do enjoy about Facebook is that it allows me to meet new people without being face to face. But maintaining an online friendship is something else. When it comes to maintaining one online especially with Facebook, I guess there is easily going to be a point when you’re going to say or do something that spoils it.
I have made some awesome friends on Facebook; even though I have never met most of them in real life, I do take their friendship seriously though. So when someone does suddenly disappear from my friends list, I do take it that I may have said done something to offend him/her.
So,Mary-Kate… I do apologize and wish you all the best. You are an Awesome person and hopefully our paths will cross again one day.


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