A Year Has Passed. Time to Renew.

It’s Official. The year has passed. Time to Renew
This is your day to redefine you.
Treasure the Good, Trash the bad.
Only remember what’s worthy to be had.
With every laugh, a memory;
Every tear, a lesson.
Recognise you’ve grown
In age and season.
We’ve but one life to live;
So let’s raise the bar.
Accept the Challenge,
Drop the baggage
And you’ll go far.


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  1. You are correct we only have one life.
    But if you save your life, you will lose it , but I you lose your life for my sake (Chist Speaking) shall find it
    For what Is a man profited, if shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?(Matt:16:25-26

    The moral of Christ sayings? (there are 4 more quotes/teachings on this subject)

    A life will soon end, and you might lose
    But what ever you do for Christ, will last for ever

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