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A 200kph Autobahn style road is something of a welcome thing in my book and would make it easy for those of us who have fast cars to use them to their full potential; but this idea is wrong on so many levels here in Dubai.

The important point is that its not Speed that kills, but the Reckless use of it does.

Reckless driving is something that is so common on the roads here. People cutting in at the last minute to an exit, tailgating and various other nusances plague the streets all over the place.
The state of road manners in Dubai can be found here…

Not to belittle the efforts of the Top Police Chief to make our lives easier, but this 200 kph highway is going to open avenues for the idiots to make our roads even more dangerous.
It is fine for someone with a sportscar that can do 200kph to use his car at that speed and shorten the time and distance in the journey. That gives some point to having a car that is designed to do those speeds. But when you have people in Land Cruisers and other SUVs trying to do similar speeds, this is a huge problem.
Why?… Yes the SUVs are powerful and are well capable of those speeds in theory, but their design and power is not mean’t for speed, but the ability to go off road. Having them do those speeds only presents a huge issue when something goes wrong.

If you look at the major highways here, its a mash up of cars that are Autobahn ready and those that are simply not designed for it at all. You will constantly see people driving 4x4s and SUVs at speeds well above 140kph and yes they can reach those with incredible ease, but in my opinion, any SUV driving above 120kph is asking for trouble because while everything is good in a straight line, when things get twisty, that is where it gets dangerous.
Then you have those who drive tiny economical cars and drive them at the absolutely limit of their performance; or near the 140kph mark with engines screaming at the peek constantly. These are just small city runabouts. So driving them at those speeds means that if something goes wrong, you’re not safe at all either; considering how cheaply they’re made in the 1st place.

The simple thing to note… Just because your speedo says 200 or more, does not mean that your car is actually safe or capable of it.


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