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I can’t sing and I’m not fat

I can’t sing and I’m not fat.

I just had to post/share this. Thanks to Kirsty for this amazing article.
We all have this habit of looking at ourselves through unbalanced eyes. We often can’t identify what it is that can be classified as a weakness or a strength.

I’m often excited when I do get appraisals as I know that I atleast have someone who is able to give me an honest opinion.


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  1. Thanks for sharing this – most appreciated. We do 360 appraisals here and I am always interetsed in what the team say about me (recently it was mentioned I should improve my delegation skills – so I’m taking a couple of online courses on how to do this ‘properly’). You can’t improve unless you know where you need to improve!

    • “You can’t improve unless you know where you need to improve!”.. so true.. 🙂
      Appraisals don’t just come at work. The other day, I went to the gym for a free session with an instructor. It was the same guy who gave me the 3 free sessions when I joined the gym, so this was something like an update to see where I am and whether I have improved.
      I must say, he identified the stuff that I was doing wrong and how I could improve. I found it very informative for me.
      However it must be noted that its not only the attitude to the person that is getting the appraisal that is important. Its also how the appraisal is delivered. There is a huge difference in constructive and non-constructive criticism.

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