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The Ultimate System – 3

IMG_6647_large_verge_super_wideSo what is my perfect ultimate system?… Jarvis. 😛

Well I’m joking. Getting back to reality, I would have to say a Mac Pro style Hackintosh. Well, as stated earlier, I’m an Apple fanboy; but I’m not a fan of the new Mac Pro.

I’ve always wanted a Mac Pro, but it always seemed way out of price range. Now with the new one, even if I manage to save up enough to buy one, spending that much on something  that is so limited in upgradeability is practically pointless.

Why a Hackintosh and not just a PC? Having had much many issues with the Windows PCs, I decided to moved to Macs as soon as I could.
Don’t get me wrong. Microsoft has come a long way with Windows in terms of reliability and would suggest it to any novice who wants to do a bit of gaming on the side. But anyone who just want a computer that works, needs to have Mac OS X (in my opinion). 🙂

I could’ve used FreeBSD or Linux instead of Windows and I did for various PCs earlier, but the challenges of the various distros brought quite a bit of headaches to me; nothing was as straight forward as it stated in some forums or support sites. Then you realize that the issue lies with the clashes in hardware drivers and stuff.

The problem with Linux distros is that there are just so many of them that its almost impossible to choose. They say choosing depends on what you want the system to do, but in truth, any linux distro can be setup to do whatever you want to want it to, so that statement is practically redundant.
Another thing is that some distros are well supported and some not; so you should know what you are doing. Don’t get me wrong though. You could make an awesome system using Linux, but the average user isn’t sometimes that knowledgeable. Those willing to spend enough time to go through the learning curve, will benefit from a whole that linux has to offer for the same price. 

Apple-Mac-OS-X-Mavericks-680x425Two things drew me to Apple. Albert from the “Absent Minded Professor” was a Mac and Mac OS X. Ever since its launch, I thought that Mac OS X had the best of both worlds; the power of Unix that was so easy to use. Name another OS where you can install an application and remove it by dragging and dropping it to and from the applications folder. 😛
I’ve discussed this further here.

So my Ultimate system should be a Mac or have Mac OS X. At this point, my ultimate system would be a Hackintosh with the same configuration as the new 2013 Mac Pro; complete with Thunderbolt and the dual GPUs.

To be honest, I wish I didn’t have to do that, considering it goes against Apple’s EULA, but it seems that I don’t have a choice in the matter if I want something that fits into the rules of the ultimate system as stated here in the previous article.

building-my-first-gaming-pcProbably building one would cost the same or just bit less and I will need to find the right hardware that will support, but building a Hackintosh is quite easy these days and they have quite a bit of support and information to help you do it. I could probably get some better specs if I really look at it.

So Hackintosh, here I come. Sorry Apple. I wish you could’ve made the new Mac Pro a little more Pro.. 🙂

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