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The Ultimate System – 2

ars0 Virginia-Tech-Apple-Mac-Supercomputer

In the previous article, I asked a question about the future of Virginia Tech’s, supercomputing. More importantly, I asked a question on what would be the best and most awesome computer that would satisfy us normal average every day geeks; in other words, what is the ultimate system for us?

The title is subjective. What someone would perceive as his/her ultimate is not necessarily the same for another; although it can be said that a Jarvis each would satisfy us all.
But getting back to planet earth, we all cannot build a Jarvis of our own. We cannot build a Jaguar or System X of our own. If we had millions of dollars, there’d be other things on our minds. 😉
So with the average joe’s budget stretched a bit, what could we have then.

Building the ultimate system requires rules; guidelines.

  1. What are you planning to do? What are the machine’s primary tasks? You can build something huge, but if you’re just going to be playing games on Facebook, you don’t need a gaming PC.
    But I think all geeks know that they will get the best and the highest of specs if they could.
  2. It has to be upgradeable. I didn’t bring up Virginia Tech’s System X for no reason. Think about the amount of money that was spent on the system and while it is operational now, it cannot run the latest of hardware and software. Its outdated.
    So upgradability is something that has to be there. We should not spend money on something that we cannot spec up easily as stuff comes along.
  3. It has to be a Powerhouse from the start; a configuration that easily could compete with systems 6 years from now. Starting the best hardware that you get will easily save you time and money actually.
  4. It has to be reliable. We don’t need something that is going to crash on us all the time or needs a whole load of formatting. 😛

We can all build something like this if we think about it. How much you’re willing to stretch, says how much closer to Jarvis you will get. 😛


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