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The Ultimate System – 1

I’ve probably watched the IronMan movie so much more than necessary and despite all the amazing stuff that is shown in part 2 and 3 in terms of graphics and stuff, it has to be said that for us currently what is available in the market today, Tony Stark’s garage / workshop in part 1 is probably what most of us geeks are aspiring to have right now.

However, it must be said that the workshop was only so effective and awesome as the computer or system running it. Face it, all us geeks and would be geeks want a Jarvis in our homes and stuff. Its just such an awesome thing.
Growing up in the 80s, I remember watching a TV movie by Disney called the Absent Minded Professor with Harry Andersen. The movie featured the talking computer called Albert. Albert was a Mac. As you can see, I’ve been a Mac and Apple fanboy ever since.
But looking at the herculanean tasks that Jarvis does compared to Albert, its pretty much sure that Jarvis some sort of super computer.

In my mind, if we were to build a Jarvis and keep it Apple, we’d have to follow in the steps of Virginia Tech and their Apple based super computers.

I suppose that with money no object, anything is possible. The one thing that I would like to know is what is the future of Virginia Tech’s super computing. With the current lineup of Macs, it doesn’t seem possible to build one that will run on the awesome Mac OS X anymore. 😛

And for us regular geeks out there, what is that best possible system that we can get?…

Obviously it will be a dream to build my own Jarvis, but lets keep it real. Its gonna cost millions I don’t have and certainly if I did, I put to better use; like a house. 😛


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