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To Hackintosh or not to Hackintosh…

Ok… I’m an Apple fanboy.. Always have and always will be I guess. There are things that I don’t agree with on Apple though. So when I say that I’m seriously considering a Hackintosh as opposed to the new 2013 Mac Pro, that is saying something.

I’ve always wanted a Mac Pro and when I heard that Apple was making a new one to the dated machines that were in their current lineup, I was excited; until I saw it.

Its not that the new Mac Pro is a bad machine. The proposed specs alone make it a monster and if you think about it, some of the things that Apple claims to be the future are worth considering about.
Don’t get me wrong, I see their logic and stuff, but its seems like its running more closer to the lineup that Apple already has. We needed something far from that for the Mac Pro. Not something that could be seen as a call back to the days of the G4 Cube.
I have to credit Apple on a brilliant piece of engineering and design but give me the old Mac Pro any day. I still wish that Apple was still going to sell something like the old Mac Pro to those who would really want that.

So why not forget all about Apple and just build your own machine; a PC. Well, I am considering a Hackintosh.
Why a Hackintosh? Why not just a PC?…
Because of Mac OS X. To me that is the best operating system. I don’t like Windows. I’ve had far too many bad experiences with it and as for Linux, there are far too many distros and stuff that you need to do so much just to get it to work right. While its granted that with Ubuntu and OpenSuse making the whole thing easier for the end user, Linux / Unix works very well as a Server implementation and besides, Mac OS X has the power of the Unix platform underneath and the ease of use of the old classic Mac OS. With Mac OS X, I practically have everything I need. And now its even better. OS X Mavericks is now free and so building a Hackintosh is about the same as building a Linux box.

Building a Hackintosh is getting easier with all the help that is online. Its not legal though. If you read the articles on Apple’s EULA and stuff, it’s technically not permitted at all and you are not likely to get any support from them if things go wrong. But like the video above states, you can build a machine that is about as fast as the new 2013 Mac Pro and maybe better for less or a similar the cost and still have the ability to upgrade and update the machine whenever and however you want.

To be honest, I prefer to get myself an actual Apple Pro Machine if I could and if I’m gonna invest in new hardware, I’d like for it to be comparable to the new machine; so that I could run the latest software and stuff. But I want it to be something in the same form factor of the old Mac Pro and if Apple isn’t going to make what I want, I guess I’m gonna have to build it for myself.

video credits: Bob Roche 

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