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Mad Five Minutes On Roads

The above link is for a letter written in to a well known publication in Dubai. What the writer of the letter probably was witnessing are the locals exercising their ‘Might over Right’ rule. The rule simply states that if you’re a local and you do drive a 4×4 or any large car for that matter, you’re exempt from adhering to common decency or following any rules of the road.

With regards to the parking issue, I mentioned this before. I’ve been in the situation where I’m waiting for a parking for hours and when I finally do get one and indicate, someone cuts me off and then insults me with the all powerful finger when I ask him why he did it.

Its no use making any note of it because when it all comes down to it, nothing is going to be done to stop them and even if they are caught by the authorities or in the case of any resulting accident, they’re most likely to get away with it.

The funny thing is that when worldwide surveys suggest that Dubai and the rest of the U.A.E. for that matter ranks high when it comes to danger on the roads, they get into a fit and reduce speed limits, put new cameras, etc… Yet, they do absolutely nothing to stop what what the writer of the letter describes in his letter.

Well done Dubai, Well done.


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