Girl Trouble

Girl Trouble – The Friend Zone

Famously coined by Joey on the show Friends, being in the Friend Zone is not an easy place to be. If MTV’s show “Friend-Zone” is a good indicator, it certainly makes for a good reality show drama.. 😛

It puts you in place where you want to do something, but there is a chance that you will lose something even more valuable – a great friendship.

Truth be told, I have recently developed feelings for someone whom I work with in the office. We have grown to be good friends and she knows quite a bit about me. Even told her that I have a blog and that she wanted to see it. I gave her the address; now I’m not so sure about that decision.

The thing is that I do not know if I should tell her about my feelings. Certainly every other girl that I had feelings for did not feel the same way. Being the  in Friend Zone is pretty much the story of my life.

Why did it happen? How did it happen? Truthfully I cannot really say. That one fateful day, I looked at her and was so completely smitten, I was left speechless. Something happened, something changed. Her smile so warm, would melt the hardest of hearts and her eyes radiated with beauty, intelligence & passion. It was then that I knew I wasn’t just merely looking at a gorgeous beauty, but a miracle.

Wrote in to someone about my problem and he turned it into a column piece. Thank you Sam. Your advice is appreciated; even though I may have made a complete hash of it. 😛

To my loyal blog followers, please do have a look at Sam Morgan’s column. Some good stuff there . 🙂

The big question: go for broke or just stay friends? | Gladstone Observer.


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