Girl Trouble

My Whale Of A Tale 3 – The Girl Next Door

What?!… NO VIDEO?!… If you want that, see the other preceding posts. Personally, I thought you guys would’ve been bored of Kirk Douglas by now.
So, you’ve heard about the girl of my dream, the family friend, and now the comes the final chapter in my tale; the girl next door. This is gonna be a short post as there’s nothing much to tell.

I spent about 3 months in Singapore on a Bible School Course. Yes, I’m a Christian and I make no excuses about it. I’m proud to wear that label.
I was 24 and still unsure of what I really wanted to do in life. Face it, some us are like that. We just blaze through life without a plan. I had a dream job as a kid, but time, situations and circumstances had eroded it away.

I went to Singapore with a bit of confusion; hoping for some direction and guidance. This was a couple of months after (part 2) and having accepted that I may be in store for a lifetime alone, I was pretty much at peace. I still was left in need of something else to pay attention and devote my time to; a career path or hobby that would give my life the passion and purpose. I did get that in the end and more.

The school wasn’t a big university, it was small establishment with 2 rooms for foreign students; one for the boys, one for the girls. Apart from me, there were 2 two other guys and 2 other girls. We all became pretty good friends; much like a family really. Went out in the weekends and stuff.

So the girl. She was from Malaysia and she stayed in the room next to mine. She had a plan of going to Canada for her MBA and thought of doing this as something in between.
We started spending time together, well for one we were classmates and neighbors for the next 3 months; so it was a given that we would. Then out of the blue, she one day asked me a question that had me thinking about where we were truly going. She asked me, what I thought if she ‘liked’ me?
Now to be honest, at the point I was sure that the universe has asked me to swear off women all together as I was never really good enough for one; even if she looked like a boiled horse with personality of a pineapple.
Don’t get me wrong, this girl was not like that. In fact, she could’ve been voted as the best looking in the entire class. But her question had me thinking. The more I thought about it, I knew that I was indeed attracted to her too and may be I was now given another chance.

Instead of holding off like I did before, I made it a point that the next time we were alone, we would lay our cards on the table and see where we go from there. She basically said that there were other guys who kept asking her out and stuff and she felt that she wasn’t in the position to choose anyone. Another point to note was that we were only going to be able to see each other for the next 3 months and after that, who knew. Also bad experiences with long distance relationships mean’t that if we were to be together, we had to be in the same place or the at least the same continent.
We decided to just not to force things to happen and let nature take its course and see where it goes from there. She in the end chose someone else.

I was glad. By being able to lay our cards on the table, I was able to get closure and even though I did still have feelings for her, they faded into the joys of a good friendship that I still do enjoy to this day. In fact, I would say that we are like brother and sister.

So that’s my whale of tale,
To tell you lads,
A whale of a tale or two.
About the flapping fish and girls I’ve loved;
On nights like this with the moon above.
A whale of a tale and its all true.
I… Don’t… Have… A… Tattooooo….. 😛


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  1. What an honest sharing of your emotions! I’m like you, in the early 20s, and I could empathize. I think laying the cards out is good, but it really depends on individuals involved. Some relationships emerge from a period of ambiguity, and while other relationships are marred by the lack of frankness. There’s still a long life ahead, and there will be so many other people we will meet!

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