Girl Trouble

My Whale Of A Tale 2 – The Family Friend

A couple of days ago the video above inspired me to write about the girls I fell for during my life. Its a short list and in the previous part I spoke about the mysterious girl that my mind had imagined up for me, only to find out 12 years later that my imagination was a reality. Other than her, my list consists of just two more…

Since I’ve never been in an actual relationship, this should be a short post.
So on to the next girl. She’s a friend. Quite good friends; or at least I’d like to think so. When we were living in Sri Lanka, at the time, her family and mine were practically inseparable. But ever since we moved to Dubai about over 20 years ago, we’ve been only able to see them over Summer vacation. So naturally I saw her change from the little girl next door to this gorgeous beauty.

It all came to light and I finally found out that I indeed had feelings for her when me and my brother Jason went on this 3 month trip to Sri Lanka and actually got to spend more time with her.
Oh and there was a complication. Despite myself, Jason too had a huge crush on her, since like forever.
I knew that me telling her how I felt and if she felt the same, would break his heart. And I also knew that I wasn’t as handsome nor as charismatic and him, so I decided it would be the best choice to let him pursue her instead and to never let my feelings known, ever.

Needless to say, she didn’t care as much for Jason, no matter how funny or charming he was. So all his efforts were for nought. My feelings on the other hand were hurt; but I kept true to my decision.
We eventually returned to Dubai, but I couldn’t get her out of my mind. Two years passed and she was still there. Its not like I didn’t have women around me, but she was so strong in my mind.
Jason had moved on. He’s attention turned to a girl in Thailand he met on our next trip there. Seeing that his feelings are no longer going to be hurt, I wrote a long email to her, expressing my feelings in detail and why I waited so long to tell her how I feel.

I got a reply from her back. She was understanding. I guess being a student of psychiatry and psychology, she probably knew more about my feelings that I did.
Nevertheless, she said that now she has a long term boyfriend and they were pretty serious. Being someone who believes in ‘The Code’, I didn’t want to be the one to get in between of that; not that there was any chance. She was probably not interested in me anyways too.

The good thing that came out of it was that in expressing my feelings, I was able to settle doubts and understood where she stood. It gave me closure and I was able to move on. Without that, I guess we would not have girl number 3 – the subject of the next post. 😛


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