Girl Trouble

My Whale of a Tale 1 – The Dream.

Brings back old childhood memories of watching the classics on TCM.
Came across this song on the internet one day and it inspired me. Its basically a medley by a sailor on the women he’s had in his life. Inspired me to do the same.
Unlike him, I’ve never been in a relationship; ever. Never had a girlfriend at all. But I have had my heart taken by 1 or 2; or more. 😛
Anyways, rather than make one dauntingly long read, I decided to break them into parts. So enjoy…

My stories begin with Puberty. That rascal has caused many a heartbreak. Mine is a doozy.
When you go through puberty, everyone knows you discover the natural attraction of the opposite sex and from time to time, when you’re asleep, you have dreams; very vivid and descriptive dreams.
The more discerning of you would understand what I’m talking about now, but for the rest, I’m talking about sex dreams. Yes, even I have them. 😛

For me though its been only once, that one dream and one so confusing. Why confusing?… Well, it only became confusing this year. Once you read it through, you will understand.

The year, 1997. I had this dream. In the dream I was with the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. It felt far more real and exciting than any pornographic movie; so much so that I can remember every detail to this date. I could describe her face, her eyes, her smile. There was only one issue.

In most cases of these kinds of dreams, the dreamer always depicts people he/she knows; someone that is attractive or ignites their most primal urges. But in my dream, I had no clue who this gorgeous beauty was. Its like my mind had imagined her for me. Maybe it was my brain’s way of describing the perfect beauty to me.

Ever since that one dream, her face haunted me for years. I tried to figure out who it was, but couldn’t. I had fallen in love with a girl my brain conjured up for me. Could any woman come close to that? Well, in time that’s what I began to believe. However absent from sight means absent from mind and soon I got distracted with other women in my life and never thought of her again; so Yes, its possible as long as she’s tangible. 😛

My thoughts had put this haunting beauty behind me and I had almost forgotten all about her until 12 years later; when I opened my monthly subscription of Import Tuner and saw her there on the cover. Yes, her Face, body and even the mole on her… Couldn’t believe my eyes. 12 years after having a dream about her, there she was for the whole world to see.

Oh the questions I had. Was it fate, destiny? Who knows… Of course now that she’s a celebrity, she probably wouldn’t notice a tall, dark and goofy-looking guy like me.

Will I ever get a chance to meet her in person? One can only dream… LOL… 😛

However at least I now know her name… Melanie Iglesias.


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