Girl Trouble

Dear Friend…


You walked into my life; seems a lifetime ago.
How important the event; how could I know.
I passed you by; not noticing you there.
Someone so special; with beauty so fair.

Did you notice me; as I walked by?
What did you think of me? Tell me, do not lie.
Not completely a man; with the heart of a child
With my humanity fading; lurking of an inner beast so wild.

Closer you came; to this animal’s habitat.
You now know who I am; and where I’m at.
We’ve grown close; I call you my friend.
The final chapter? The story’s end?

To say ‘Yes’, would be a lie.
For certain a emotion, I cannot deny.
I know now and claim to be true.
Is what has grown in my feelings to you.

My mind travelled for miles; past & future explored.
Saw the same scenes over; yet never dull or bored.
Should I state the truth or live a lie?
Should I jump or let feelings die.

The thoughts compounded; so large the heap.
My brain pressured; to take “Lover’s Leap”.
Stood at the edge; ready to dive.
My heart racing; yet felt barely alive.

I ask for nothing from you; you know this of me.
For I know you don’t feel the same; its easy to see.
Yet nothing has changed; in the way I do.
My heart beats deeply & passionately for you.

I cherish what we have; a friendship strong.
Content in knowing; this is where I belong.
Hopes for a lasting bond; until my journey’s end.
Still always and forever, your friend.


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