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Technology Dinosaurs and Half Knowledge

f487de_2651783Does the title make sense? Ever seen an older person use a computer or new device? Its a familiar sight. I can certainly understand their dilemma. My only worry is that I would be like that when I’m older. But I suspect its the inevitable.

How do you prevent yourself from becoming a technology Dinosaur? Is it by getting every single new gadget that makes its way to the mainstream? It seems that the new thing is smart TV and streaming things off it. To be honest, I don’t have that. Its a nice gadget and I certainly like the idea of watching my favorite Youtube off a large screen, but is it really necessary?
What about a smart phone? I see some people still using the old Nokias. I suppose they have no real need to check their emails on the go or post updates on Facebook or Twitter.

Technology has certainly changed in leaps and bounds since I was a kid. I remember the day that in order to get a computer to do something, you’d had to type out 2 – 3 commands on the keyboard. Now we take the simple mouse and button for granted. Now everything has to be flashy and interactive.
I remember the day that even having a computer was a big deal. Now its the staple of every home. Even a little kid has a laptop. Back in the day, only business people had those.

tumblr_lugqgoFgI51qb00ddI don’t mind the older people taking time to understand computers. In fact, every time I see an older person try to work on a computer, it makes me smile. They’re willing to learn and move with the times; even at their age. Its encouraging.

What does eat me up are the stupid questions and the people who try to teach you a thing or two with only half knowledge. You know the type. These are people who know a little bit about something, but pretend that they know a whole lot. They understand half of it and make assumptions on the rest. Moreover, they are always convinced that their assumptions are always correct; simply because of some sort of experience or something that they read. These are the ones that start arguing with you about something they know nothing about and claim that you are the one who doesn’t know anything.
Somehow it kinda gives me satisfaction proving them wrong. Why? Its one of my peeves.

I absolutely hate it when someone thinks that they know more than me and start talking to me like I’m sort of juvenile or idiot who doesn’t know a damn thing (especially about computers) and do it after calling me to help fix the thing. Some nerve.
These are the moments when I feel like telling them to go suck lemons and fix their issues themselves, but that is not what my faith allows me to do.

This only determines my resolve to be my own master and to understand all the new tech and much as I can while I can. And to learn more fundamental things like programming and the command line interface for computers. Not because they’re neat tricks to learn, but if you think about it, much of what you are using right now; stemmed from these things which in short are also a dying skill set.
This way not only am I preserving something important that I could teach future generations, I’m also ensuring that while eventually I will become a tech Dinosaur, I’m well poised to understand the new stuff around without being an idiot with half knowledge.


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