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A Day to Remember

Birthdays… Everyone has them. Some like to celebrate in extravagant fashions, others like to keep things quiet.

My birthday is and always has been a time of mixed feelings. A joy to know that I have made it through another year, yet great sadness that another year has passed without certain dreams coming true.
Drawing ever closer is the inevitable; old age and the wonder if I really had done anything worthwhile or memorable with my life.
The thought that I wanted to always do something and never did or got the chance to, will,Β to me, probably be hell on earth. A long time ago, I decided I wasn’t going to be that guy. I was going to make everything count. No more missed opportunities.
But dreams cost. They cost money, time, effort.. If you’re prepared to pay the price, there’s no limit to the amount of memories you can have.

Whatever said, today was a day to remember. Simply because its one of those rare moments where my birthday was actually celebrated in a way. πŸ˜›
It wasn’t anything big. In truth some colleagues at work surprised me with a cake and candles.. A very nice gesture indeed and I’m truly grateful for each and every one of them. Beyond that, nothing major to report. It was a quiet evening at home; watching the tv show ‘Monk’ on the Albert.

If you’re on Facebook and on my friends list, you will receive a birthday note or post on your wall. I wrote a small generic verse that I copy and paste; just to ensure that none of my friends would feel forgotten or left out on their birthdays. I know I don’t sometimes have the time to make up something and I don’t think that just a simple ‘Happy Birthday’ is enough. This works for friends, relatives, family… I can just say it and I really do mean what I say.

(Feel free to copy it and use it whenever you wish. You know you will.. :P)

“A year has passed, time to renew
This is your day, to redefine you.
Look back on the days, the good & the bad;
You’ll find much treasure, worthy to be had

With every laugh, a memory;
Every sorrow, a lesson.
Growth comes to us all,
In every age and season..

I wish you a Blessed Birthday;
May joys eternally follow.
I wish you the best day ever;
And a better one tomorrow..

Have An Awesome Birthday!”

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