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iOS 7 & my iPhone 4

photoQuite a bit of tech reviewers out there that have much to say about the latest iOS.

I have an iPhone 4 and yes, I know its ancient compared to todays standards, but my ancient iOS device still works and worked well with iOS 6. Did I need to upgrade to iOS 7 when it was released yesterday?.. No.. My device was perfect. Just the way I wanted it.
Am I glad that I did the upgrade?… Yes.. 🙂

iOS 7 has a number of features that I like. Yes being on an ancient 4, I don’t get Siri or some of the other features that some others would get, but I think that is an amazing thing. It means that older devices are able to get the latest and greatest and stay current without much of a hassle. I like that about Apple.

IMO, I like the flat, pastel-ish, icons. They work well with my wallpaper. I like the fresh new way all the apps look and feel. The Mail and the Calendar apps look and feel amazing.

When it comes to tech, I follow the reviews of Chris Pirillo. He always seems to talk some sense without getting into the hype of Android and Other stuff.
I agree with him that there are parts of 7 that seem a bit rushed and buggy, but my overall user experience has been rather good about the whole thing. He does not like the icons (we disagree there). Anyways, here’s his take on the whole iOS 7…

First Impressions:

Live review:

Here is another video showing where iOS 7 got its features.

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