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Ever had so many ‘Why’ questions?… I certainly do.

I’m a Christian; in every sense of the word. I’m not too shy about saying that too. I believe in Christ’s, birth, death and resurrection. And ‘No’.. I’m not Catholic. Neither am I some self-righteous, judgmental, pompous, so called pious hypocrite that most of the us are seen as. Leave those nuts out of that. Unlike them I like the occasional social drink with friends and partying. I’m far from perfect and I don’t mind saying that.
Do I strive for perfection? Yes I do. But no one will truly be perfect; no matter how much we try.
Why do I believe? Well my answer to that question is that I’ve seen and experienced far too much to not to.

Why Christianity? Why not Buddhism or Islam? My parents are Christians, and they gave me every opportunity to choose my path. Just because you live in a garage, that doesn’t make you a car.
I chose to believe in Christianity because it makes the most sense; logically and spiritually.

I’m not here to get into a religious Debate about which one is the truth and better. I did not choose a ‘Religion’. I chose ‘Relationship’. Plain and simple. I don’t expect anyone to follow my view unless they want to.
Am I happy?.. Yes and No. I have just too many questions.

A curious mind is something that cannot be put down. Its our curiosity that leads us into all sorts of crazy stuff too. I always thought that if anyone should be able to answer the difficult questions, it should be God.
Sometimes I think that He must be pretty annoyed at me. Ever seen those annoying little kids that keep going on.. “Why..”? They go on and on until you just say, “Because I said so..”

Why does God allow bad things happen to good people?…
Why is this happening to me?…
Why wasn’t I born to a rich family?…

These are to just name a few. I have to face that fact that you can ask God all the questions you want. He will always give an answer. Of course, be prepared for the times that He’s just gonna say, “Because I said so…”

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    • They’re not. Depends on your beliefs.. The bible talks about God creating the world we live in by speaking words. So in a sense, those two phrases are exactly the same in a certain context. 🙂

  1. but god is not nature, god either directs nature or nature runs on its own. That I had a car wreck today is either ‘shit happens’ or god wanted me to have a wreck… which is it?

    • Its much like, an engineer who invents a machine, starts it and just watch it run on its own. But its not the engineer that uses the machine, its the user.
      Think of it like someone in IT. He gives the user a new PC. Brand new and perfect in every way. Some users use that machine properly and safely and are able to do awesome things with it. Then there are some that are completely terrible. Not knowing what they’re doing, they mess up the files and before you know it, their PC is overrun with viruses, corrupt files, etc.
      Now the issue is that because both systems are on the same network, stuff gets infected, etc.. Now the IT person has to step in to fix the mess.
      Did he want the mess? No…
      Did he show the users how to use the system? Yes. He made a manual.
      Can he force the user to read the manual and use the system the way he wants? No.

      • Well, so much for that plan that he had for us before we were born then… if he is just letting nature do it’s thing then my cancer is not his problem and he has no plan… right?

  2. Not quite. He does have a plan. His plan is for us to have a healthy normal life full of joy. Do we have it. Yes and No.
    If you were to use my IT analogy again, the IT guy wants the system to be perfect. He set it up that way. But so many factors affect the system from all angles. Does he know about them? Yes. If or when an issue does rise, you as the user will ask the IT for support to fix the problem. Doesn’t matter whether the fault is your own or not, the IT guy will help fix the problem.

    Every inventor loves his creation. It is only logical that we assume that a God who created us loves us too.

  3. Ooops. “Because I say so” is exactly the argumentation that my man and me use when the other one is asking “why? why? why?”. It is a running joke between us (bet you are not so keen on being a relationship anymore now…).

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