Girl Trouble

Love – Let’s talk…

Alright people, lets talk “L..” I mean “L..” “LOVE”.
Yeah I have posted on this topic before… My certain attraction to a fellow co-worker has been the subject of few posts.

That aside, I’m focusing on it as a subject; pure and simple.

Now a whole lot can be said about Love. Its such a vast topic and involves beliefs from all sorts. My main reason is discussion is on the following.

We’ve all heard the sayings…
“You never choose the person you fall in love with.”
“Love is blind.”
“There is one right person for you.” and so on..

Lets look at them more closely…
I’ve never been in a relationship to compare notes, but I cannot neither confirm nor discredit any of those statements.

I certainly do believe that there is a choice involved with falling in love. Maybe not completely, but intentionally. If you are in a relationship and believe that you don’t choose the person you fall in love with, then look again at your significant other.

Let’s be honest, there was something that attracted you to him/her in the 1st place. Put a line up of Gorgeous men/women in the world who were willing to go out with you and you had to ask out only one, you know that you will choose the best looking of the lot or the one that attracts you the most.
If you were not able to choose, then why are you not with someone that looks like a pineapple with the personality to boot?…
It IS a choice in some way. Half way at least.

Further more, there is not only one perfect person that you are supposed to be with. That’s a myth. That’s very romantic, but it’s just not true. And it’s not even logical!
Think about it. If there were only one right person for everybody in the world, it would only take one person to make a wrong decision and break the chain for everybody else.
Let’s say I was supposed to marry a woman named Sharon. Instead, I marry Karen. Then all of a sudden, it upsets the apple cart for everybody else on the entire planet!

Then this brings us to the most commonly used phrase ever. “Love is Blind”.. I can neither confirm nor deny this statement.
When you look at certain couples, you know that they fit so well together and it has to work. But then again, you see the complete opposite and think “No Way.. That will never work.” But it does.
Then you have to think that Love isn’t just indeed blind; its deaf and dumb too. Haha.
I think the main reason for that statement comes from the act of caring for someone inspite of their faults. But the truth with that is that its not that you don’t see the faults, you choose to ignore them and love that person anyway. That’s probably why we see some people who are with those whose personalities run saltier than the Dead Sea and still say that they love them.

So in truth though, Love… Its not blind, deaf, dumb. Its not something random that just happens and not something you’ll only find once in your entire life.
Its a choice. Its work. Its never easy, but never a chore; and never something that you can ignore.

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