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It’s all about ‘The Funny’

Just thought I post a light little post on a day that I’m feeling so angry. Something just upset me, so I’m forced to think on something light and bright to calm me down. I’ll get into the upsetting bit another time.

My thoughts took me back a few days to when my sister and I went shopping and we were looking Tupperware for taking my lunch to work.
This being September, the ‘Back to School’ sales are on and you’re likely to see items, from stationary to the schoolbags, on special offer.
My eyes caught sight of a pink lunchbox. Yes, a baby pink lunchbox and I was so wanting to get it. It was simple. It had a handle and inside was a small container for a sandwich or whatever and a bottle for water, juice, etc…
Joanna, of course, was so confused as to why I wanted to get it. I replied, “It’s all about the Funny”. Thinking I had lost my mind, she suggested that if I insisted on getting a kid’s lunchbox, why not a blue one. I came back with same answer.

Now you’re reading this are also probably wondering what the hell am I on about and why would a 32 year old man want a pink kid’s lunch box. My answer to you will be the same, “Its all about the Funny.”

Let me explain. We live in a stressed out world. Nearly everything stresses us out these days and so I feel sometimes its my duty to bring in a bit of light and laughter into the work place; even it means bringing in a baby pink lunch box to work.
Think of the amount of laughter I’d cause by entering the lunch room with that thing in my hand.
I know when people see that, they’re going to be laughing AT me and not WITH me, but I don’t mind making a spectacle of myself if its going to make someone’s day better; especially if its intentional.. Haha. 😛

Anyways in the end, you could say I came to my senses and did not get the lunchbox and just settled for just ordinary food containers. But here is a challenge.
You may not need to make a clown of yourself to bring a little light and laughter in someone’s life, but a whatever it is, do it.
There is no greater joy than seeing someone else smile or laugh. Its contagious. 😛

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