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New Skills

Learning new skills is something nice to do. Self improvement is something that everyone should consider.
For me though, learning a new skill always has resulted in pain and frustration. I don’ t know what it is about me that resists it so much. My hands fight me in every turn. Sometimes I’ve persevered, others, I’ve just given up.

For over 6 months now, I have been trying to learn to touch-type using the Colemak layout. I cannot say that its been easy. Its like my hands have a mind of their own. All other accounts I’ve read online, of those who started learning the layout have been able to get to 80wpm in about 2 months or less. I don’t know why is it that even after using it ‘cold turkey’ for all these months, I can barely get a word done without making so many errors. Its like my fingers have a mind of their own; so frustrating. I always face this. Even in the following….

Learning to sketch – It took me 15 years to learn to draw a horse properly. My school teacher at the time saw my books all full of horses and said that I will become one. Little did she know that she was right. 15 years later I learned to sleep standing up in Singapore.. (That is another long story). Needless to say, I’m now able to draw, but I do take a very long time for a really really good sketch.
Playing the guitar – Even after trying for the past 12 years, I still can’t play a proper tune. Okay, my practice sessions are not that frequent, but I don’t see any kind of improvement even after 2 hours of trying the same tune. I’m not giving up.

Neither am I going to give up learning to touch-type. Someone asked me why was I learning to do it since I don’t type that much at work or at home. My dad always said that when you do something, its worth doing right. Another good thing to note that learning to use a tool the right way will never go to waste.
But why Colemak? Why not QWERTY? Surely since all the keyboards in the world are QWERTY, it should be much better to use that. That way I can go anywhere and still be able to type.
Well, I’ve always been a fan of life-hacks. Something that makes life easier appeals to me. I chose Colemak because of its features over Dvorak and the rest.
One thing though.. My difficulties might be attributed to the layout itself too. When I first started learning to touch-type, I used the Dvorak layout and that was easier to learn and get used to. I also think that I made more progress with it in 1 month than with Colemak for all this time. Somehow it seems better thought out for a computer user perspective. You can read about it in my other post here.

My frustrations are not going to scare me from learning new skills. My hands can fight me all they want, but they won’t win. I’m as stubborn as they are; unless I feel that it won’t be worth it in the end. Which makes me wonder why start when I’m not sure of a finish? I wouldn’t have started learning these skills if I didn’t think they were important.

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