Life in Dubai

Last Minute Jumpers

If you’re on a highway, in town at a signal, one thing that you will notice here in Dubai are the last minute lane jumpers. You’d find them trying the cut in last minute at a busy exit on the highway, or trying to cut in from the ‘free-right’ at a busy intersection. Why? They simply think they’re better and smarter than you for not waiting in queue.

I don’t know about you, but this makes my blood boil. I absolutely hate that. Can’t tell you how many times I had these idiot make me late for an appointment; for the simple reason that their selfishness only makes the traffic worse.

Over there on a 4 lane highway, if you have a busy exit, you can be sure that all 4 lanes will be blocked by people trying to cut in; each one trying to out manoeuvre the other. Its selfish and ridiculous.
Once in traffic, I had a friend in the car and he told me to just go to the front of the queue and cut in. That way we can get to our destination faster. My reply was, “I’d rather turn around and go back, than be a jerk.” I later found out that he too was a lane jumper. Oops.. Haha.

But seriously, why do that? Just because there are other cars in front of you, doesn’t give you the right to cut in. There is no possible excuse that you can give that makes it OK.
What’s worse is that these idiots don’t like the same being done to them. Today I had one in a Lexus cut in front of me and then nearly have an accident when he tried to block someone from cutting in front of him.
O never mind the poor people who got in lane ahead of time to just to be stuck behind you while you two argue and decide on who had the right of way. You both are morons. If it was allowed, I would’ve just gotten out of my car and slammed both their heads on the hoods of their cars for making me late.

I once horned at someone cutting in and he gestured back with a finger; another just gestured like I was some kind of idiot. This is the kind of 4th world mentality that we deal with here and its sad that there is absolutely nothing I can do about it.

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