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Is this the Engine of the future?

  1. Is this the Engine of the Future? 
  2. One step closer to a no-iron car
  3. Is the Plastic Engine close?
  4. A plastic car engine – you can’t do that right?

What is interesting about the articles posted above is that quite a bit of time and thought has been put into trying to develop a plastic engine. To be honest this is not the 1st time I’m hearing about an engine made of plastic. It was mentioned in an episode of an old 80s show called ‘Macgyver’. The episode was called ‘Collision Course’.. You can watch it here..

The funny thing is my dad and everyone made fun of me for thinking that such a thing was possible. They later explained how the heat inside the internal combustion engine would simply be too much and melt the plastic.

The thing is in these days, we have airliners replacing metal body panels for composite ones. How safe would you feel in one of those aircraft? We still fly in them knowing that many safety measures have been taken to ensure that this aircraft has been tested enough to be made passenger worthy.

There are no shortage of articles on the internet. Google ‘Plastic Engine’ and it will reveal a host of them. There are no doubt both major manufacturers and private individuals trying to make this a reality. Whoever succeeds in making it into mass production, will most certainly make a killing almost instantly.

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    • I’m guessing that there will come a time when we will consider a composite the norm to build just about anything. It certainly feels like it is going in that direction.

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